Is it better to have Riley, castrated?

Sunday, 1 November 2009


Mummy is taking over my blog for a post.

Hi fellow bloggers! Today i found a new blog site, it's pretty great, there's tonnes of different kinds of people on there and i want you all to join! :D hehe.
Go to
it's real good. Add/Follow me!




The rules are as follows:

"When accepting this award, you must blog about the food you have stolen when your humans were not watching. If you have never stolen any food, you must have been a really good pup! You can accept this yummy tray of cookies as your reward! Next add the logo of this award to your blog (optional), then nominate at least 5 other furry blogs and let them know by leaving a message on their blogs."

Well, in my short little life, so far i've stolen some crisps, a biscuit from Grandaddy's hand! Potato that was dropped on the floor, SWEETIES, chocolate buttons but Mumm soon ran after me and got them out of my mouth! And, slippers counts as food right? ;)


well, i thought i'd give the 'evil chihuahua' face a go! I only do it when people rub my face cheeks! Or if i'm playing fights with Ollie. :) I am supposed to look scary so people will back off, BUT everyone thinks i look kinda cute normally. UNTIL this photo came up! Oh yes, i am the scariest boy in the house. :D

(note: Me(Hannah) or my family never hurt Riley in any way to make him do this face, he does it when he is playfighting and that is it. I would NEVER hurt him)


eeeek, i scare myself sometimes too!

Saturday, 31 October 2009


The other day, i went on a brilliant day out with mummy and her family. We went to Plymouth, a big place where there's lots of shops and people and things to sniff!
I slept the whole way there, well, nearly. When we were nearly there i woke up and looked out of the window. You see, i am a keen people-watcher. It's like when the humans bird watch (also another hobby of mine). So there i was watching the people go by when suddenly it went dark! Mummy said we were going under a tunnel! It took a while to escape the darkness, and the whole time i looked around wide eyed! Then, we got out to daylight. Relief. I looked out for more people. And got something better! A river full of boats and rocks and birds and people! Ohmigosh, it was fascinating! I pawed at the window and barked in my excitement.

So, anyway, we parked the car and Mummy put me on my lead and we walked over a big bridge and then down to the main shopping area. I saw a fat juicy pigeon so decided to show it who was boss. My vocal chords got a bit of excersize that day i'll tell ya! It flew off and i trotted along beside mummy triumphantly. I WAS TOP DOG.


So, yeah the day went quickly and soon it was time for lunch. McDonalds. YUMMY! Mummy always makes sure she has a hamburger so that she can save me a bit. I'm not allowed any chips though, much to my dissapointment. Only a bit of burger, still, it's one of the highlights of my day. :D

Mummy went around in Drake Circus for an hour without me! (Drake Circus is a big indoor shopping centre where all the best human shops are) and i wasn't allowed inside. Grandaddy went around with me instead. I was being very careful not to be trodden on!

FINALLY, out comes Mummy with a gazzelion bags! We were walking along when suddenly i saw a huge english bulldog coming towards us! i wasn't frightened at all. SO, i barked and barked and barked until we passed it. i think it's safe to say i RULED the pavement that day. He went away with his tails between his legs. I was a smug puppy then!

(Note from Riley's Mummy-He did bark,he was brave but i'm afraid to say the bulldog took no notice. :P Riley just THOUGHT he was a scary little savage that ruled the pavement) heeheee.

so after that, we headed towards the Hoe. A big big big field with little stalls and a view of the beach and sea. Ollie, he was allowed to be let off lead, but me? Nope. I couldn't be trusted. So, Aunty Caitlyn, she held my lead and we ran and ran and ran. I was puffing and panting when i got back to mummy! i was glad when she scoooped me up and i was carried back to the town. On the way we came to a big fountain.


I was desperate for a drink so Mummy tried to lower me to the surface of the pool of water around the fountain but it was so deep i started to paddle in mid air! Mummy thought it was gorgeously funny. So when i carried on paddleing for dear life she let me sit on the edge while she cupped some water in her hands. I drank it gratefully and was fine. :) Mummy took some pics of me and Ollie while we were there.

here's Ollie (BIG bro) chilling with his daddy,(my grandaddy)



Loving my aunties!

Mummy and Aunty Em.

It really was a great day out and i can't wait to go again!

Fluffy stuff :)

I'm getting FLUFFY! Mummy has always wanted me to be a pom pom, and i'm beginning to look rather a lot like one. :D I've got a big fluffy tail now, some of you may remember when i had a teenie stick of a tail, all black. Now it's massive, and brown with a black tip.
Apparently, you can't even see the harness i wear now, because of all my gorgeous fur. :)
So happy i had to share.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Great Granny & Grampy

It was a boring day at home, Mummy and I were waiting for the rain to stop so we could go outside when Mum's Gran phoned and said to go around their house to see them. Within an hour we were over there and I was getting lots of fusses and cuddles and treats. What can I say? They adore my gorgeous face!

Because they have only just had a new carpet put down I had to stay on the newspaper in the living room, it was okay though cos Mum had packed lots of toys for me to play with!

Meeting Millie

The day i met Millie was brilliant! Mum and Emma (Millie's Mum) was talking about our first meeting for weeks and the day finally came! Emma invited Mum and me to go around to her house for the afternoon. I got my harness on and Mum brushed my fur so that i looked presentable! She doesn't live that far away so in the car i just had a little power nap preparing for my afternoon of fun and games.
Grandad pulled up outside Emma's house and that's when we saw them. My tail started to wag as i saw my new friend being carried my way. She is a gorgeous little girl and she was just the same size as me, although a little fluffier.
When our Mum's had said their Hello's and how are you's? we were allowed to play! Emma led us to her back yard and we stood there for a while just sniffing and licking each other when suddenly Millie started a playful run around the garden. I needed no more encouragement as soon enough we were chasing each other round and round our Mummies! Millie did get a little freaked out when i eventually caught her and ran back to safety in her Mum's arms. I wanted to play some more so i jumped up and down until Mum wrapped her hands around my belly and calmed me down.

After a while we were getting tired so we decided to take a nap. I rested in Mum's arms and fell asleep in the sun. I was asleep for about half an hour when i was shaken lightly awake. I was groggy until i heard the magic word...
I was up and ready in no time! Millie had never been on a walk before and i was the encouragement, well, i was supposed to be. Poor Millie didn't know what to do so she was carried for the entire walk. We got lots of attention as usual and it was a great little excersise!

Back at Emma's, we had time for one more little play before it was time to go home.

Lazy Morning Snuggles.

Mummy and me had a lazy morning. I love them best of all because it's all warm and cosy. She lets me burrow under the covers and find the perfect spot when it's nightime and we are about to fall asleep. But in the morning i am always up by mummy's shoulders in funny positions. She hugs me in and we lie in for about an hour. :)

Picture's from Yum Yum.

Yum Yum!

A couple of days ago I went with Mum to town. She was meeting her best friend in there and i begged to go along too. I got my way, as usual and she put my harness and lead on me. We were about to go out the door when Ollie appeared, he looked at mum sadly and he got to come too! I was over the moon, my big brother,me and mum all out for a mini adventure! All the way there me and Ollie had a race, mum got quite annoyed because she was juggling her handbag, 2 leads and her phone. It was funny though.

When we finally got into town, we saw mum's best friend Sophie waiting for us by New Look. We were so excited! Ollie recognised her straight away and literally dragged us over to see her. I took a bit longer to register who it was but as soon as i did, i gave her kisses and cuddles galore! She wasn't so keen on the kisses part...

So, we started to walk again, Sophie held my lead so i thought i'd have some fun and see how far i could go without being scolded. I pulled, and barked and jumped around until Mum told me off. She said i was a little embaressing because peopple were staring. hahaha. Anyway, we stopped outside a big store and their was an exchanging of leads and then mum started to walk away into the shop. I was furious! How dare she leave me out here. I whinged and barked until she came back. Then once again, it was kisses and cuddles galore! She went in just about every shop there was looking for a job vacany until FINALLY we got to go to the petstore!

Me and Ollie pulled and pulled when we saw it. It was open, it was smelling delicious and it was guarenteed to have some yummy treats that mum would buy for us! No wonder we were wagging our tails! So, we got inside and there was a whole buffet layed out! I tried to make a beeline for a lolly pop treat but Sophie said No! Apparently we had to pay first! So, we went around the little store with Mum and Sophie smelling and picking out the treats we wanted. She got a whole bagful of stuff and payed the shop owner. I liked the look of a big cuddly toy but mum said i have way too many of them already :( Meanie.

Once we got back home we had the most hard decision to make! Which treat first?! I ended up having a plain and simple stick wrap and Ollie had a massive bone! Thank you mummy for taking us out and spoiling us! :)

Now, time to tuck in, again!

(Pictures will be up as soon as i can find my transfer lead!)

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Ralphie - My Daddy

Yesterday i went to see my real furry daddy for a mini family reunion! it was wonderful to see him again. I'm half his size already and mummy hopes i'll be identical to him, apart from the colour of my fur obviously. I was let to run around on the floor of Dannii's house with Ralphie (Daddy) and we played chase. He had his girlfriend Chi over too, called Gromit. She was nice and let me play chase with her too. She's going to be mum to my half brothers and sisters hopefully! We posed for some pictures too. :)




And in a couple months, i'm going back to see him again, when im bigger. :D

Monday, 17 August 2009


The 17th August could be a very important and exciting day for me. :) Mummy is going to take me back to visit my real Chihuahua daddy! She kept in touch with the 'breeder' she got me from! So, tomorrow i've got to get brushed and clothed to go and see my Daddy, and possibly Mummy too. I'm very happy to see them again! I hope they remember me!

Water Water!

Hello readers! I've had a water filled day today! Mum took me out to the beach again. :) We walked along a clifftop for a while, well, i ran mostly. And then we got to the mini beach where it was just a stretch of sand and a lot of white pebbles. I was excited! To get onto the beach we had to clamber down some rocks which i was a pro at! I was pulling mum along! Well, we nearly got to the sandy bottom, but i hadn't realised how far on my mummy's sister's and Ollie had gotten so i barked my teeny weeny bark until they stopped and waited for me to catch them up! How dare they run on ahead without me there!
So, we were strolling along when Ollie zooooomed past me with a big stick in his mouth! I wanted to share it with him so i raced along after him. I didn't realise there was a big wave coming in to get me so it made me jump when it nearly got me! I ran back to mum. She made a fuss of me and i felt reaasured. :) It wasn't long before reliable old grandad let me off lead without mum knowing. teehee. I ran on with Ollie and heard her panicked cries behind me. I couldn't stop to tell her i was fine because Ollie was getting too far ahead and he STILL hadn't let me have a go on the stick!
but then, i saw 2 people just sitting there, on the sand, eyes closed with their hands on their knees. They weren't moving, i tried to wake them up by barking at them but, no reaction. I decided they werent a threat and carried on. :)
Suddenly, i felt the urge to bolt into the sea! It was frreeeeeezing, and salty, and wet and scary! I swam too, my first time and i did it perfectly. Mum was freaking out because she thought i'd get swept away so i came back on shore to show her i was fine! ohhh, it was cold now in the evening air so i ran up to mum and she covered me with her jacket and dried me off. She carried me back to the car and i slept all the way home. :)

Later on in the evening i had the most horrid time. I was being bathed!! I had sand all over me and in my fur so i guess i did need it washed off. I wasn't a happy chappy and i tried to get out a number of times. At least i had red nose day ball in there with me. Here are some humiliating pics of me, wet, cold, big eared. :)





now, im looking forward to a long sleep on mummy's bed. :)

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

My Big Brother Ollie

As you all know, i'm a little on the midgey side and when i first saw my new big bro Ollie i was taken aback! i'd never seen a dog so big in all my ten weeks, then again, i had only known my brothers, daddy Chi & the pomeranian that lived with us when i was a teeny tot.
Mum got me about 5 and half weeks ago, and ever since then, Ollie and me have gotten ever so close with each week! At first he was wary of little ol' me! A big doggie like him. haha. But eventually, when he realised i was a permant addition to the family and no matter how much he ignored me, i wouldn't be leaving, he thought he'd give me a chance. :)

Now, we play all the time! I know he's quite a lot bigger than me but, i give him a beating every once in a while! Every morning i wake up with mum, and we go downstairs to check the mail and get a coffee, well, i get water... and Ollie is always at the bottom of the stairs asleep. Unsuspecting a thing. ;) But then POUNCE, and i'm on his head. I bite him awake (only gently!) and the fights begin. I let him win :)
One time, Ollie got too nasty. He bit my bum! and i cried for mum. She came and picked me up and told me it was alright. Poor Ollie looked so ashamed. I forgave him and we played chase instead. Luckily, i can fir under the sofa and he can't so, i can cheat a bit if i need to.

Yep, Ollie is my idol. I copy his every move. I pee when he pees. I eat bones when he does. He runs, i run. He sleeps, i sleep. Or attack. depends on what mood im in. :)

In fact, here is a few pictures of me and my best big brother in the world. The gentle giant. :) Love you Ollie wollie. :D xxx

by RILEY. woof.




Sunday, 9 August 2009

Dog Show competition

I've been wanting to go to a dogshow ever since i got Riley. So, when i looked for one on google i was so happy to see that there was a variety of things going on at a Dartmoor fayre including stalls, ice cream, dogshows, donkey rides, food bars and a gymkhana. :)

When we got there it was packed! People and dogs everywhere, Riley had a hard time catching up with BigBro, Ollie cause he had a load of people making fusses of him :) So, at half 1 we got to the stall where we had to sign up our pups for the competetion. We were a last minute addition! We joined the back of the line and put Riley on the ground so that he could walk beside me, well, that was the plan.
Riley had been walking for quite some time and the sun was boiling us! He was tired and a bit confused at what to do! So, he strolled, looked around a bit and collapsed in some shade halfway round! I had to encourage him to keep walking the last little bit and he eventually decided to do it. He was a good boy when we joined the rest of the group, he sat and waited patiently.

So, the judge came round to us and i told him his name and breed. I made some excuses for his slobbness behaviour ( he was on his side with his legs out in all directions, tongue out and dozy eyes) lol. Then the judge moved on.

I was hoping for him to say we had one a rosette :) But it didn't happen. A dog that didn't even look like a puppy won. :( Riley did get a bag of treats however for entering. Shame though, cause he doesn't like them.

After this we went to watch the horse show where Riley sat and watched them jumping and showing. He loved them! was a good boy and didnt bark or growl. :) Then he zonked out and slept until we got home.

Friday, 31 July 2009

Walking with Riggs

Today was brilliant. Mum took me on another walk and let me off leash again! I was so happy to have Mummy trust me so much. Also i was very anxious and wary of my surroundings because it was a walk i had never been on. I stayed very close to my Mum's feet, safety.

Mum had a friend with her today, her name was Jess and she owned a very big collie cross called Riggs. He was very big and looked somewhat like a wolf! He was a gentle guy though and when he sniffed at my behind he didn't hurt me at all. In fact, he just ignored me half the time. Charming. :)


We walked for a while and my legs were starting to ache so Mummy let me rest in her bag for a while, also i had a couple treats and a drink. Riggs shared with me. There was a big bridge halfway through our walk with gaps in it just wide enough for me to fit through! Mummy picked me up to carry me across it. She was panicing because at first i didn't stop running to it. Then, she shouted my name angrily so i thought i'd better halt and let her catch me. Mummy's always worrying about me!

Well, we walked for 2 hours! I couldn't believe it was that long, and neither could Mummy or Jess! I was exhausted and i got carried for the last bit.

Now, i'm curled up with Mummy watching Pirates of the Caribbean 2 ! :)

Thursday, 30 July 2009

Unleashed Pup! By Riley.

I was excited because Grandad came home from work and i ran up to him to shower him in kisses. He loves me so much that i even got away with a little nip on his nose! Mummy told me off though so i stopped straight away. I gave her my puppy dog eyes and i guess she forgave me because she smiled at me. Anyway, Grandad and Mum started to talk so i ran off to find Ollie, my big brother. We started to play fights and of course i won. :) Then, Mum started to call me. What Mum? I barked as i ran to her. Oh Yay!! She was holding my harness and leash, we were going out! Now, i haven't been out a lot because i'm still a baby pup so i hoped we would go somewhere where there's a lot of stuff for me to sniff. Everything was fascinating to me and i had a lot of exploring the world left to do! I did misbehave when mummy tried to put my harness on though, it's funny cos she gets so annoyed. Eventually we were ready and off we went in the car!

Mmmm, what's that smell? Chips? Fish? YUMMY. Mummy wont let me have any though :( She doesn't like to feed me too much human food because i get something called a 'dodgy tummy'. So, instead, i worked on Grandad, i gave him the cutest face i could manage and i got a piece of fish in return. what a pushover! :) I wanted to look outside to see where we would be walking and my face lit up when i realised we were at the beach again! I love it there. So many other dogs to watch and people to have make a fuss of me. Also there was always something i could sniff at. Bit salty though :(

So, when Mummy finished her dinner we set off. There was a huge puddle on the floor, it had been raining a lot earlier. I was deciding whether to go around it or straight through. It looked deep so i thought, i'll just follow Mum's feet. The sand was cold and wet that day so stuck to my pads! I suppose it was a good thing though because no sand was flying around in the air and getting trapped in my big eyes. The beach was massive so i took a while to get to the end. Along the way i found a lot of big sticks to carry with me. I'd seen Ollie do it before and he seemed to get a kick out of bashing the logs against peoples legs. I thought i'd give it a go. Unfortunately i couldn't get enough force to make a big impact when i bashed it against mums legs. She just laughed at me! I soon gave up and focused on following feet. It was hard because Humans walk pretty fast for me!

Suddenly, we stopped! Mum bent down with an anxious expression. Mum? whats up? OH MY GOODNESS, she was letting me offleash! Freedom. I didn't know where to go first! I spotted Ollie sniffing around some rocks ahead so bolted in his direction. Boy was it smelly around here. Mum let me explore for 5 minutes before she called me back to her because we were heading back in the cars direction. I was a good boy and followed her all the way. We got stopped a couple times because some people wanted to see me.I get annoyed because everyone assumes i'm a little girl straight away! Mum's forever correcting them.


We got back to the car at last and Mum lifted me onto her lap. I soon fell fast asleep. I was very tired after my long long walk. I felt so independant. I can't wait to go out again!

Friday, 17 July 2009


I got my very own Chihuahua puppy on 4th Saturday 2009 after years of begging my Dad.
I was on a camping trip with friends but decided to come home early because the campsite & facilities were terrible! I'm so glad I did because the night i came back my Dad told me about an advertisement in the newspaper for 5 Chi pups for sale. I was so excited and got the number straight away. As the number dialed and i waited for an answer i had butterflies in my stomach! The woman who answered was called Dannii and she had all 5 left still and we arranged to go around and see the little ones the next day. I was extatic! And i ran back into the living room to tell Dad the good news! He looked a little shocked & i later found out that he was sure that they would all be gone by now. what a harsh thing lol. Anyway, the big day arrived and i was smiling non stop, the only bad thing about it was that i had to wait until about 5 o clock in the evening to go and pick my baby up. We had to go to perranporth to shop before i could go and get him so i got a couple feeding bowls and a couple toys for preparation. Because i had never seen a real life chihuahua puppy with my own eyes before i didn't know what to expect, i mean, i knew they would be teeny & cute but other than that i was clueless. On the way to the breeders house we got lost! I had to phone her up a couple times so we arrived a bit late. Eventually, we pulled up outside her house and i eagerly got out of the car and waited for Dad to heave himself out the drivers seat. Dannii then appeared out of nowhere and waved, i smiled back and to my shock she went into her horsebox and left us just standing there. I was a bit baffled. After 30 seconds she reappeared with a cat box and inside were the 5 little boys all peering out the door at us and squeaking. I loved them instantly and knew i would be leaving with my own Chihuahua that day! So, when we were all sat down on her living room floor she let the pups loose and they went crazy. Full of beans! They all were playfighting and coming up to us for kisses. I had to choose a puppy then, and it took me a while. They were all so gorgeous and i wanted to take them all. 4 boys were white and gingery in colour, shortcoats. And 1 little guy, the smallest was brown, with black ears and a black face. He was longcoated. In the end i chose him because he was the smallest and fluffiest, also he seemed to be being bullied by his brothers. I gave Dannii the money and thanked her and off we went home with my new baby safely in my arms. He cried on the way home and was shaking with fright because of the car journey and stuff but settled down when we got him home. :)


He always has a lot of attention from everyone at home and is always discovering new things to sniff and play with. Update soon. :)