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Sunday, 9 August 2009

Dog Show competition

I've been wanting to go to a dogshow ever since i got Riley. So, when i looked for one on google i was so happy to see that there was a variety of things going on at a Dartmoor fayre including stalls, ice cream, dogshows, donkey rides, food bars and a gymkhana. :)

When we got there it was packed! People and dogs everywhere, Riley had a hard time catching up with BigBro, Ollie cause he had a load of people making fusses of him :) So, at half 1 we got to the stall where we had to sign up our pups for the competetion. We were a last minute addition! We joined the back of the line and put Riley on the ground so that he could walk beside me, well, that was the plan.
Riley had been walking for quite some time and the sun was boiling us! He was tired and a bit confused at what to do! So, he strolled, looked around a bit and collapsed in some shade halfway round! I had to encourage him to keep walking the last little bit and he eventually decided to do it. He was a good boy when we joined the rest of the group, he sat and waited patiently.

So, the judge came round to us and i told him his name and breed. I made some excuses for his slobbness behaviour ( he was on his side with his legs out in all directions, tongue out and dozy eyes) lol. Then the judge moved on.

I was hoping for him to say we had one a rosette :) But it didn't happen. A dog that didn't even look like a puppy won. :( Riley did get a bag of treats however for entering. Shame though, cause he doesn't like them.

After this we went to watch the horse show where Riley sat and watched them jumping and showing. He loved them! was a good boy and didnt bark or growl. :) Then he zonked out and slept until we got home.

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  1. Way to go Riley for being a good boy! That's a shame he didn't win. Maybe next time. He's certainly cute enough and he has won my heart for sure!