Is it better to have Riley, castrated?

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Ralphie - My Daddy

Yesterday i went to see my real furry daddy for a mini family reunion! it was wonderful to see him again. I'm half his size already and mummy hopes i'll be identical to him, apart from the colour of my fur obviously. I was let to run around on the floor of Dannii's house with Ralphie (Daddy) and we played chase. He had his girlfriend Chi over too, called Gromit. She was nice and let me play chase with her too. She's going to be mum to my half brothers and sisters hopefully! We posed for some pictures too. :)




And in a couple months, i'm going back to see him again, when im bigger. :D

Monday, 17 August 2009


The 17th August could be a very important and exciting day for me. :) Mummy is going to take me back to visit my real Chihuahua daddy! She kept in touch with the 'breeder' she got me from! So, tomorrow i've got to get brushed and clothed to go and see my Daddy, and possibly Mummy too. I'm very happy to see them again! I hope they remember me!

Water Water!

Hello readers! I've had a water filled day today! Mum took me out to the beach again. :) We walked along a clifftop for a while, well, i ran mostly. And then we got to the mini beach where it was just a stretch of sand and a lot of white pebbles. I was excited! To get onto the beach we had to clamber down some rocks which i was a pro at! I was pulling mum along! Well, we nearly got to the sandy bottom, but i hadn't realised how far on my mummy's sister's and Ollie had gotten so i barked my teeny weeny bark until they stopped and waited for me to catch them up! How dare they run on ahead without me there!
So, we were strolling along when Ollie zooooomed past me with a big stick in his mouth! I wanted to share it with him so i raced along after him. I didn't realise there was a big wave coming in to get me so it made me jump when it nearly got me! I ran back to mum. She made a fuss of me and i felt reaasured. :) It wasn't long before reliable old grandad let me off lead without mum knowing. teehee. I ran on with Ollie and heard her panicked cries behind me. I couldn't stop to tell her i was fine because Ollie was getting too far ahead and he STILL hadn't let me have a go on the stick!
but then, i saw 2 people just sitting there, on the sand, eyes closed with their hands on their knees. They weren't moving, i tried to wake them up by barking at them but, no reaction. I decided they werent a threat and carried on. :)
Suddenly, i felt the urge to bolt into the sea! It was frreeeeeezing, and salty, and wet and scary! I swam too, my first time and i did it perfectly. Mum was freaking out because she thought i'd get swept away so i came back on shore to show her i was fine! ohhh, it was cold now in the evening air so i ran up to mum and she covered me with her jacket and dried me off. She carried me back to the car and i slept all the way home. :)

Later on in the evening i had the most horrid time. I was being bathed!! I had sand all over me and in my fur so i guess i did need it washed off. I wasn't a happy chappy and i tried to get out a number of times. At least i had red nose day ball in there with me. Here are some humiliating pics of me, wet, cold, big eared. :)





now, im looking forward to a long sleep on mummy's bed. :)

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

My Big Brother Ollie

As you all know, i'm a little on the midgey side and when i first saw my new big bro Ollie i was taken aback! i'd never seen a dog so big in all my ten weeks, then again, i had only known my brothers, daddy Chi & the pomeranian that lived with us when i was a teeny tot.
Mum got me about 5 and half weeks ago, and ever since then, Ollie and me have gotten ever so close with each week! At first he was wary of little ol' me! A big doggie like him. haha. But eventually, when he realised i was a permant addition to the family and no matter how much he ignored me, i wouldn't be leaving, he thought he'd give me a chance. :)

Now, we play all the time! I know he's quite a lot bigger than me but, i give him a beating every once in a while! Every morning i wake up with mum, and we go downstairs to check the mail and get a coffee, well, i get water... and Ollie is always at the bottom of the stairs asleep. Unsuspecting a thing. ;) But then POUNCE, and i'm on his head. I bite him awake (only gently!) and the fights begin. I let him win :)
One time, Ollie got too nasty. He bit my bum! and i cried for mum. She came and picked me up and told me it was alright. Poor Ollie looked so ashamed. I forgave him and we played chase instead. Luckily, i can fir under the sofa and he can't so, i can cheat a bit if i need to.

Yep, Ollie is my idol. I copy his every move. I pee when he pees. I eat bones when he does. He runs, i run. He sleeps, i sleep. Or attack. depends on what mood im in. :)

In fact, here is a few pictures of me and my best big brother in the world. The gentle giant. :) Love you Ollie wollie. :D xxx

by RILEY. woof.




Sunday, 9 August 2009

Dog Show competition

I've been wanting to go to a dogshow ever since i got Riley. So, when i looked for one on google i was so happy to see that there was a variety of things going on at a Dartmoor fayre including stalls, ice cream, dogshows, donkey rides, food bars and a gymkhana. :)

When we got there it was packed! People and dogs everywhere, Riley had a hard time catching up with BigBro, Ollie cause he had a load of people making fusses of him :) So, at half 1 we got to the stall where we had to sign up our pups for the competetion. We were a last minute addition! We joined the back of the line and put Riley on the ground so that he could walk beside me, well, that was the plan.
Riley had been walking for quite some time and the sun was boiling us! He was tired and a bit confused at what to do! So, he strolled, looked around a bit and collapsed in some shade halfway round! I had to encourage him to keep walking the last little bit and he eventually decided to do it. He was a good boy when we joined the rest of the group, he sat and waited patiently.

So, the judge came round to us and i told him his name and breed. I made some excuses for his slobbness behaviour ( he was on his side with his legs out in all directions, tongue out and dozy eyes) lol. Then the judge moved on.

I was hoping for him to say we had one a rosette :) But it didn't happen. A dog that didn't even look like a puppy won. :( Riley did get a bag of treats however for entering. Shame though, cause he doesn't like them.

After this we went to watch the horse show where Riley sat and watched them jumping and showing. He loved them! was a good boy and didnt bark or growl. :) Then he zonked out and slept until we got home.