Is it better to have Riley, castrated?

Friday, 31 July 2009

Walking with Riggs

Today was brilliant. Mum took me on another walk and let me off leash again! I was so happy to have Mummy trust me so much. Also i was very anxious and wary of my surroundings because it was a walk i had never been on. I stayed very close to my Mum's feet, safety.

Mum had a friend with her today, her name was Jess and she owned a very big collie cross called Riggs. He was very big and looked somewhat like a wolf! He was a gentle guy though and when he sniffed at my behind he didn't hurt me at all. In fact, he just ignored me half the time. Charming. :)


We walked for a while and my legs were starting to ache so Mummy let me rest in her bag for a while, also i had a couple treats and a drink. Riggs shared with me. There was a big bridge halfway through our walk with gaps in it just wide enough for me to fit through! Mummy picked me up to carry me across it. She was panicing because at first i didn't stop running to it. Then, she shouted my name angrily so i thought i'd better halt and let her catch me. Mummy's always worrying about me!

Well, we walked for 2 hours! I couldn't believe it was that long, and neither could Mummy or Jess! I was exhausted and i got carried for the last bit.

Now, i'm curled up with Mummy watching Pirates of the Caribbean 2 ! :)

Thursday, 30 July 2009

Unleashed Pup! By Riley.

I was excited because Grandad came home from work and i ran up to him to shower him in kisses. He loves me so much that i even got away with a little nip on his nose! Mummy told me off though so i stopped straight away. I gave her my puppy dog eyes and i guess she forgave me because she smiled at me. Anyway, Grandad and Mum started to talk so i ran off to find Ollie, my big brother. We started to play fights and of course i won. :) Then, Mum started to call me. What Mum? I barked as i ran to her. Oh Yay!! She was holding my harness and leash, we were going out! Now, i haven't been out a lot because i'm still a baby pup so i hoped we would go somewhere where there's a lot of stuff for me to sniff. Everything was fascinating to me and i had a lot of exploring the world left to do! I did misbehave when mummy tried to put my harness on though, it's funny cos she gets so annoyed. Eventually we were ready and off we went in the car!

Mmmm, what's that smell? Chips? Fish? YUMMY. Mummy wont let me have any though :( She doesn't like to feed me too much human food because i get something called a 'dodgy tummy'. So, instead, i worked on Grandad, i gave him the cutest face i could manage and i got a piece of fish in return. what a pushover! :) I wanted to look outside to see where we would be walking and my face lit up when i realised we were at the beach again! I love it there. So many other dogs to watch and people to have make a fuss of me. Also there was always something i could sniff at. Bit salty though :(

So, when Mummy finished her dinner we set off. There was a huge puddle on the floor, it had been raining a lot earlier. I was deciding whether to go around it or straight through. It looked deep so i thought, i'll just follow Mum's feet. The sand was cold and wet that day so stuck to my pads! I suppose it was a good thing though because no sand was flying around in the air and getting trapped in my big eyes. The beach was massive so i took a while to get to the end. Along the way i found a lot of big sticks to carry with me. I'd seen Ollie do it before and he seemed to get a kick out of bashing the logs against peoples legs. I thought i'd give it a go. Unfortunately i couldn't get enough force to make a big impact when i bashed it against mums legs. She just laughed at me! I soon gave up and focused on following feet. It was hard because Humans walk pretty fast for me!

Suddenly, we stopped! Mum bent down with an anxious expression. Mum? whats up? OH MY GOODNESS, she was letting me offleash! Freedom. I didn't know where to go first! I spotted Ollie sniffing around some rocks ahead so bolted in his direction. Boy was it smelly around here. Mum let me explore for 5 minutes before she called me back to her because we were heading back in the cars direction. I was a good boy and followed her all the way. We got stopped a couple times because some people wanted to see me.I get annoyed because everyone assumes i'm a little girl straight away! Mum's forever correcting them.


We got back to the car at last and Mum lifted me onto her lap. I soon fell fast asleep. I was very tired after my long long walk. I felt so independant. I can't wait to go out again!

Friday, 17 July 2009


I got my very own Chihuahua puppy on 4th Saturday 2009 after years of begging my Dad.
I was on a camping trip with friends but decided to come home early because the campsite & facilities were terrible! I'm so glad I did because the night i came back my Dad told me about an advertisement in the newspaper for 5 Chi pups for sale. I was so excited and got the number straight away. As the number dialed and i waited for an answer i had butterflies in my stomach! The woman who answered was called Dannii and she had all 5 left still and we arranged to go around and see the little ones the next day. I was extatic! And i ran back into the living room to tell Dad the good news! He looked a little shocked & i later found out that he was sure that they would all be gone by now. what a harsh thing lol. Anyway, the big day arrived and i was smiling non stop, the only bad thing about it was that i had to wait until about 5 o clock in the evening to go and pick my baby up. We had to go to perranporth to shop before i could go and get him so i got a couple feeding bowls and a couple toys for preparation. Because i had never seen a real life chihuahua puppy with my own eyes before i didn't know what to expect, i mean, i knew they would be teeny & cute but other than that i was clueless. On the way to the breeders house we got lost! I had to phone her up a couple times so we arrived a bit late. Eventually, we pulled up outside her house and i eagerly got out of the car and waited for Dad to heave himself out the drivers seat. Dannii then appeared out of nowhere and waved, i smiled back and to my shock she went into her horsebox and left us just standing there. I was a bit baffled. After 30 seconds she reappeared with a cat box and inside were the 5 little boys all peering out the door at us and squeaking. I loved them instantly and knew i would be leaving with my own Chihuahua that day! So, when we were all sat down on her living room floor she let the pups loose and they went crazy. Full of beans! They all were playfighting and coming up to us for kisses. I had to choose a puppy then, and it took me a while. They were all so gorgeous and i wanted to take them all. 4 boys were white and gingery in colour, shortcoats. And 1 little guy, the smallest was brown, with black ears and a black face. He was longcoated. In the end i chose him because he was the smallest and fluffiest, also he seemed to be being bullied by his brothers. I gave Dannii the money and thanked her and off we went home with my new baby safely in my arms. He cried on the way home and was shaking with fright because of the car journey and stuff but settled down when we got him home. :)


He always has a lot of attention from everyone at home and is always discovering new things to sniff and play with. Update soon. :)