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Monday, 17 August 2009

Water Water!

Hello readers! I've had a water filled day today! Mum took me out to the beach again. :) We walked along a clifftop for a while, well, i ran mostly. And then we got to the mini beach where it was just a stretch of sand and a lot of white pebbles. I was excited! To get onto the beach we had to clamber down some rocks which i was a pro at! I was pulling mum along! Well, we nearly got to the sandy bottom, but i hadn't realised how far on my mummy's sister's and Ollie had gotten so i barked my teeny weeny bark until they stopped and waited for me to catch them up! How dare they run on ahead without me there!
So, we were strolling along when Ollie zooooomed past me with a big stick in his mouth! I wanted to share it with him so i raced along after him. I didn't realise there was a big wave coming in to get me so it made me jump when it nearly got me! I ran back to mum. She made a fuss of me and i felt reaasured. :) It wasn't long before reliable old grandad let me off lead without mum knowing. teehee. I ran on with Ollie and heard her panicked cries behind me. I couldn't stop to tell her i was fine because Ollie was getting too far ahead and he STILL hadn't let me have a go on the stick!
but then, i saw 2 people just sitting there, on the sand, eyes closed with their hands on their knees. They weren't moving, i tried to wake them up by barking at them but, no reaction. I decided they werent a threat and carried on. :)
Suddenly, i felt the urge to bolt into the sea! It was frreeeeeezing, and salty, and wet and scary! I swam too, my first time and i did it perfectly. Mum was freaking out because she thought i'd get swept away so i came back on shore to show her i was fine! ohhh, it was cold now in the evening air so i ran up to mum and she covered me with her jacket and dried me off. She carried me back to the car and i slept all the way home. :)

Later on in the evening i had the most horrid time. I was being bathed!! I had sand all over me and in my fur so i guess i did need it washed off. I wasn't a happy chappy and i tried to get out a number of times. At least i had red nose day ball in there with me. Here are some humiliating pics of me, wet, cold, big eared. :)





now, im looking forward to a long sleep on mummy's bed. :)

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  1. Oh Riley we are in love with your ears! And so is Mom. She has a thing for ears. You are so cute all wet from your bath. We are sorry you don't like baths. We don't mind them, but a lot of our furiends aren't very fond of them.

    Chihuahua kisses,
    Bentley & Lexus