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Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Yum Yum!

A couple of days ago I went with Mum to town. She was meeting her best friend in there and i begged to go along too. I got my way, as usual and she put my harness and lead on me. We were about to go out the door when Ollie appeared, he looked at mum sadly and he got to come too! I was over the moon, my big brother,me and mum all out for a mini adventure! All the way there me and Ollie had a race, mum got quite annoyed because she was juggling her handbag, 2 leads and her phone. It was funny though.

When we finally got into town, we saw mum's best friend Sophie waiting for us by New Look. We were so excited! Ollie recognised her straight away and literally dragged us over to see her. I took a bit longer to register who it was but as soon as i did, i gave her kisses and cuddles galore! She wasn't so keen on the kisses part...

So, we started to walk again, Sophie held my lead so i thought i'd have some fun and see how far i could go without being scolded. I pulled, and barked and jumped around until Mum told me off. She said i was a little embaressing because peopple were staring. hahaha. Anyway, we stopped outside a big store and their was an exchanging of leads and then mum started to walk away into the shop. I was furious! How dare she leave me out here. I whinged and barked until she came back. Then once again, it was kisses and cuddles galore! She went in just about every shop there was looking for a job vacany until FINALLY we got to go to the petstore!

Me and Ollie pulled and pulled when we saw it. It was open, it was smelling delicious and it was guarenteed to have some yummy treats that mum would buy for us! No wonder we were wagging our tails! So, we got inside and there was a whole buffet layed out! I tried to make a beeline for a lolly pop treat but Sophie said No! Apparently we had to pay first! So, we went around the little store with Mum and Sophie smelling and picking out the treats we wanted. She got a whole bagful of stuff and payed the shop owner. I liked the look of a big cuddly toy but mum said i have way too many of them already :( Meanie.

Once we got back home we had the most hard decision to make! Which treat first?! I ended up having a plain and simple stick wrap and Ollie had a massive bone! Thank you mummy for taking us out and spoiling us! :)

Now, time to tuck in, again!

(Pictures will be up as soon as i can find my transfer lead!)

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