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Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Meeting Millie

The day i met Millie was brilliant! Mum and Emma (Millie's Mum) was talking about our first meeting for weeks and the day finally came! Emma invited Mum and me to go around to her house for the afternoon. I got my harness on and Mum brushed my fur so that i looked presentable! She doesn't live that far away so in the car i just had a little power nap preparing for my afternoon of fun and games.
Grandad pulled up outside Emma's house and that's when we saw them. My tail started to wag as i saw my new friend being carried my way. She is a gorgeous little girl and she was just the same size as me, although a little fluffier.
When our Mum's had said their Hello's and how are you's? we were allowed to play! Emma led us to her back yard and we stood there for a while just sniffing and licking each other when suddenly Millie started a playful run around the garden. I needed no more encouragement as soon enough we were chasing each other round and round our Mummies! Millie did get a little freaked out when i eventually caught her and ran back to safety in her Mum's arms. I wanted to play some more so i jumped up and down until Mum wrapped her hands around my belly and calmed me down.

After a while we were getting tired so we decided to take a nap. I rested in Mum's arms and fell asleep in the sun. I was asleep for about half an hour when i was shaken lightly awake. I was groggy until i heard the magic word...
I was up and ready in no time! Millie had never been on a walk before and i was the encouragement, well, i was supposed to be. Poor Millie didn't know what to do so she was carried for the entire walk. We got lots of attention as usual and it was a great little excersise!

Back at Emma's, we had time for one more little play before it was time to go home.

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  1. Little Riley is getting so big and I must say he is a beautiful pupster.