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Wednesday, 12 August 2009

My Big Brother Ollie

As you all know, i'm a little on the midgey side and when i first saw my new big bro Ollie i was taken aback! i'd never seen a dog so big in all my ten weeks, then again, i had only known my brothers, daddy Chi & the pomeranian that lived with us when i was a teeny tot.
Mum got me about 5 and half weeks ago, and ever since then, Ollie and me have gotten ever so close with each week! At first he was wary of little ol' me! A big doggie like him. haha. But eventually, when he realised i was a permant addition to the family and no matter how much he ignored me, i wouldn't be leaving, he thought he'd give me a chance. :)

Now, we play all the time! I know he's quite a lot bigger than me but, i give him a beating every once in a while! Every morning i wake up with mum, and we go downstairs to check the mail and get a coffee, well, i get water... and Ollie is always at the bottom of the stairs asleep. Unsuspecting a thing. ;) But then POUNCE, and i'm on his head. I bite him awake (only gently!) and the fights begin. I let him win :)
One time, Ollie got too nasty. He bit my bum! and i cried for mum. She came and picked me up and told me it was alright. Poor Ollie looked so ashamed. I forgave him and we played chase instead. Luckily, i can fir under the sofa and he can't so, i can cheat a bit if i need to.

Yep, Ollie is my idol. I copy his every move. I pee when he pees. I eat bones when he does. He runs, i run. He sleeps, i sleep. Or attack. depends on what mood im in. :)

In fact, here is a few pictures of me and my best big brother in the world. The gentle giant. :) Love you Ollie wollie. :D xxx

by RILEY. woof.





  1. Riley, your big bro looks like a lot of fun. What a great big brother he is. We don't have any big brothers, but we do have two big sisters...but they don't live with us. One of them, Angel, lived with us when I was a puppy but she was mean to me, so she went back to my grandparents house to live with her sister. Blaze pretty much just ignores us. So we don't know what its like to have a cool, fun, and bigger older sibling but yours looks like so much fun!

    Chihuahua kisses,
    Bentley (& Lexus)

  2. Hi Riley, you have a BIG big brother...I bet he is lots of could ride on his back if you get tired when you go on your adventures.