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Friday, 31 July 2009

Walking with Riggs

Today was brilliant. Mum took me on another walk and let me off leash again! I was so happy to have Mummy trust me so much. Also i was very anxious and wary of my surroundings because it was a walk i had never been on. I stayed very close to my Mum's feet, safety.

Mum had a friend with her today, her name was Jess and she owned a very big collie cross called Riggs. He was very big and looked somewhat like a wolf! He was a gentle guy though and when he sniffed at my behind he didn't hurt me at all. In fact, he just ignored me half the time. Charming. :)


We walked for a while and my legs were starting to ache so Mummy let me rest in her bag for a while, also i had a couple treats and a drink. Riggs shared with me. There was a big bridge halfway through our walk with gaps in it just wide enough for me to fit through! Mummy picked me up to carry me across it. She was panicing because at first i didn't stop running to it. Then, she shouted my name angrily so i thought i'd better halt and let her catch me. Mummy's always worrying about me!

Well, we walked for 2 hours! I couldn't believe it was that long, and neither could Mummy or Jess! I was exhausted and i got carried for the last bit.

Now, i'm curled up with Mummy watching Pirates of the Caribbean 2 ! :)


  1. Sounds like a great walk! Riggs looks like a very cool dog.

    Chihuahua kisses,
    Bentley & Lexus

  2. You can see how tiny you are next to your friend Riggs...good thing he was nice and didn't want to eat you. I bet you felt nice and safe in your moms bag after all that walking!